I. The Company carries out product production and testing according to the enterprise internal control standard. Outer diameter of products, thickness of insulating layer, core diameter of copper conductor are strictly controlled. Indexes such as DC resistance, insulation eccentricity, outer diameter of products and insulating resistance are all higher than those specified in national standard.
    II. With high-quality and high-purity (99.99%) copper materials for electric purpose adopted, conductors are of high electric conductivity and low resistance. They generate little heat during usage and thus reduce electric energy loss. On the other hand, high-quality nanoscale cable materials are used for insulation. The mechanical-physical property and electric property of these cable materials are better than those specified in relevant national standards. Therefore, products of the Company can best meet the requirements for safety, energy conservation and environmental protection.
    III. For BVR conductor core, the Company refuses to adopt the process of high-output “filament bundling” and instead it adopts the stranding process which is of relatively low process efficiency but of higher quality. This ensures that during installation, the products will not de-twist or become loose at the ends, so they are convenient to use.
    IV. The Company adopts the most advanced automatic extrusion production line in the world. The production line is under overall computer control and the temperature, production speed, outer diameter of products and so on can all be controlled automatically. Therefore, not only the production speed is fast but products are of high precision. The Company can ensure that insulating thickness and eccentricity of the products not only meet the internal control standard but are higher than those specified in relevant national standard.
    V. The Company has changed its product positioning from industrial products to consumer goods and it implements differentiation strategy. For BV wires, it adopts “no wire left” packaging and selling principle.
    VI. The halogen-free low-smoke fire-resistant wire developed by the Company independently can resist temperature as high as 125°C, which is far higher than 70°C (temperature resistance grade of traditional process). With the same sectional area, current passing through products developed by the Company can be larger and this greatly enhances product safety. Therefore, these products can be used in all kinds of places with a relatively higher requirement for fire resistance.
    VII. The Company is on the way to promote wire products which meet CE standard and ROHS specified by the European Union. These wire products are safe and environmental friendly. Contents of cadmium, plumbum, mercury, hexavalent chromium, PBB and PBDE contained in hazardous chemical substances released by these products during service are far less than the minimum values specified in relevant standards of the European Union.

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