I. The distance between strong electric wire and the weak one shall be 30~50 cm. These two kinds of wires shall not pass through one same tube.This is because strong current can interfere with signals of television, telephone or network.

II. The total section area of wires passing through one tube shall be 40% smaller than that of the protective tube. For example, for a tube with a section area of 20 mm2 can only contain four wires with a section area of 2.5 mm2 respectively.

III. For long distance wiring, it is better to use an intact tube. When it is necessary to connect two tubes, special joint shall be used on the shorter one and the joint shall be sealed firmly with adhesive.

IV. Wire tubes which are left on the ground in an exposed manner temporarily shall be protected immediately, in case they are trodden and crack. This will make future inspection and repair difficult.

V. When the wiring length is longer than 15 m or there are at least two corners, junction boxes shall be installed on the way. This is because corners make it difficult to pass wires through tubes.

VI. In general, electric wires shall be more than 40 cm from central heating pipes and gas pipes.

VII. Under normal circumstances, socket of the air conditioner shall be installed more than 2 m from the floor.

VIII. When no special requirements are specified, all sockets shall be installed 30 cm from the floor.

IX. When facing the switch or the socket, the left wire shall be null and the right one live.

X. In the case of home decoration, wires shall be connected only in the “ends twisting” manner. The twisted ends shall be pressed to ensure the connection is reliable. The well-connected wires shall be wrapped completely with insulating tape.

XI. During decoration, colours of the live wire, the null wire and the ground wire shall be as distinguishable as possible. These three kinds of wires shall not be mixed up.

XII. Circuits for lamps, sockets, air conditioners, water heater and so on shall be wired separately and classified into groups so as to facilitate separate inspection and repair.

XIII. Please ask the constructor for the wiring diagram and keep the diagram properly so as to prevent circuit damage due to future inspection or wall structure change.

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