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Chongqing Pigeon Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd is restructured by Chongqing Electric Wire and Cable Co, Ltd. (the former Chongqing Electric Wire Factory and Chongqing Power Cable Factory) in year 2001, which has focused on research & development of wire & cable, copper profile, HV electric porcelain and plastic pipe for over 60 years and devoted itself to designing and manufacturing safe, energy-saving and environment-friendly products on international and domestic aviation and space, rail transit, generator unit, power transmission and distribution project supporting and home decoration series.

Being affiliated with Chongqing Machinery & Electronics Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. which is listed in Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited...

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1956 Year

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100 Strong

Chongqing enterprises

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China Cable Industry

Quality assurance

Security Point

The copper conductor is purple-red; the insulation strength is good and it is not easy to tear; the surface of the product is smooth and round.

Product Quality

Randomly select products of different types and specifications every week to carry out supervision and inspection of the length of the circled meter to ensure the length of the product in the loop.

Quality Information Response

Customers can call the pigeon company service hotline 023-67166888 or 4008114911 before, during and after the sale. The company will provide quality service.

Product Advantages

The pigeon brand wire is positioned in the consumer goods from the industrial products, and the differentiation strategy is implemented. The BV wire is sold in zero-free packaging.


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