“Science and technology are the primary productive forces”. “Innovation is the lasting impetus for development of enterprises”. Technical Center is a scientific research institute of the Company which integrates five functions, namely, research and development of new products, new processes, new equipment and new materials; consultation for deciding enterprise technological innovation strategy and technological development strategy; construction of enterprise technological innovation system; negotiation for industry-university-research cooperation and foreign cooperation; training of enterprise innovative talents. The total area of research & development center, the office rooms and the laboratories is approximately 2,000m2. The Company has complete test apparatuses and devices and it is equipped with strong strength for technological research and development. So far, the Company has about 160 technicians among which 11 are titled as “Senior Technician”.
    The Company has been continuously strengthening its ability in respect of software and hardware. It spares no effort to produce safe, energy-saving and environmental friendly wires and cables. The Company has the state of art devices for cable production and test. These include more than 50 sets of apparatuses and devices for test and verification, such as the wire drawing machine imported from Italy, the crosslinked production line imported from Italy, the double-layer extrusion production line with adoption of computer overall control, the continuous vulcanization rubber extruding machine, the digital partial discharge detection and analysis system, the load condition cable fire resistance tester and the electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine. The Company can provide various kinds of cables and customized product solution for the customers.
    During development of the Company, a lot of attention has been paid to technological innovation and the development strategy of “Realizing Enterprise Prosperity Depending on Technology” has been established. Taking market as the orientation, the Company strengthens construction of the technical center continuously; makes the technical center play its full role effectively; enhances development of new products, new technologies and new processes; expands its market with new products; established and improves the marketing network; increases the market share in the industry; promotes the work for new product development and technological innovation depending on technological improvements and elevation of overall quality of employees. The Company has succeeded in developing and designing more than 40 new products such as special wires and cables, copper bar used on large-scale hydro-generator and porcelain insulators used on high-speed rail and high-voltage power transmission and distribution. It has acquired 132 patents authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China among which 12 are invention patents, 112 are utility model patents and 8 are design patents. In 2007, the Company was identified as Chongqing Technical Center; in 2012, it was awarded as Chongqing High=Tech Enterprise; in 2013, it was renowned as “Chongqing Engineering and Technological Research Center for Special Wires, Cables and High-precision Copper Bar Enterprises” by Chongqing Science & Technology Commission.
    In recent years, the Company attaches great importance to construction of talent teams. It introduced and cultivated many professional senior technicians via external recruitment and internal fostering. It implements innovation performance incentive mechanism and tilts toward technicians in respect of salary and welfare. An encouraging atmosphere of “Compete, Learn, Catch Up, Help and Surpass” has been gradually established in the technical center and as a result the Company cultivated a batch of R & D talents full of pioneering spirit and a high-quality employee team. This lays a solid foundation for product development and product quality improvement. The Company strives to promote high-tech industrialization and thus strengthened its strength for further development and accelerated construction of the technical center.
    With a view to determine the starting of new product development at a higher point, the Company has taken advantages of the techniques acquired by all relevant academic institutes and cooperated with them in a wide range. It has cooperated with many universities and institutes successively and gained satisfactory results. These include Chongqing University, Harbin University of Science and Technology and Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute. We strengthen technological innovation and new product development; carry out original innovation, self-dependent development and industry-university-research cooperation; adjust the product structure continuously and develop new products with high added value. In this way, we realized product diversification. So far, our products include electric materials, wiring, HV and LV wires and cables, special cable, copper bar for electric purposes, electric porcelain product, power line, power connector, pipes made of PVC and PPR.
    The Company will continue to strengthen construction of the technological development team so as to provide customers with safer and more reliable products. We will not disappoint customers.
    We can provide to customers diversified products which mainly include high-quality wires, cables, cooper bar, round copper wire for electric purposes, HV and LV electric porcelain.

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