I. Allocation of Equipment Resources
    For the purpose of producing wires and cables of higher quality, the Company has been always on the way to technically improve its equipment. It has purchased more than 160 sets of international or national state-of-art devices for production of wires and cables (including three-layer extrusion crosslinked production line, 80+40 double-layer extrusion production line with adoption of computer overall control, ultraviolet irradiated crosslinked device, wire drawing machine of small, middle and large sizes with the function of continuous drawing and annealing, automatic coiling device, continuous copper material extrusion machine and drum twisting machine) and more than 100 sets of well-developed devices for wire and cable testing (including single-arm and double-arm direct current bridges, automatic dielectric strength tester, electronic tension tester, fire resistance tester and digital partial discharge voltage withstand test & analysis system). This effectively guarantees stable product quality.
II. Strong Professional Technical Team
    The Company has over 100 professional technicians and it has established cooperation relationships with many R & D institutes successively. These include Chongqing University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Harbin University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute and the National Wire and Cable Supervision and Inspection Center. In recent years, the Company adheres to the principle of “External Market as Orientation and Internal Incentive as Driving Force” and it continues to strengthen development of new products and technologies so as to stabilize and improve product quality.

III. High-quality Raw Materials
    The Company, in strict accordance with the requirements of quality environment management system, adopts high-quality raw materials provided by suppliers which are assessed as qualified. It carries out acceptance test as per requirements specified in relevant standards and refuses unqualified raw materials.
For copper conductors, the Company adopts high-purity copper extracted via cathode electrolysis in large-scale copper material production bases such as Yunnan Copper (Group) Co., Ltd., Aluminium Kunming Copper Co., Ltd., Jinchuan Copper Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Copper Corporation. The Company never use recycled scrap copper or secondary copper.
    For insulating materials, the Company selects high-quality nanoscale cable material which is better than that specified in GB/T8815. Currently, the Company promotes step by step an environmental friendly cable material that meets the requirements specified in ROHS of the European Union.
IV. Strict Test Control and Technical Requirements
    Strict product quality control is carried out during the whole production process; performance of the raw materials such as cooper bar and cable materials is tested on a batch basis; process products such as copper line, copper wire and stranded wire are checked every day in spot check manner; electrical and insulating property of the first finished product of each batch as well as the products chosen by spot check during production process is tested. With all these done, the Company can guarantee that performance of the products in all respects meets the requirements of internal control standards.
    For coiled products, 6kV power frequency spark test is carried out on each coil, and 2.5kV/5 min withstand voltage test under water immersion condition is also conducted on products of different types that are chosen randomly every day to guarantee high voltage-resistance and greatly improve safety of the products for use.
Products of different types are chosen randomly every week and the length of each coil of product is checked and recorded in meter. In this way, the Company ensures that the length of each coil of product meets relevant requirement.

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